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Guitar Hero World Tour

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Guitar Hero World Tour On PS2 Live Stream

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Guitar Hero World Tour – “Crazy Train” Expert Guitar 100% FC (458,274)

Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne

Total classic banger, played at every sporting event ever lol.

Well this song is kind of a pain to FC because of those slider sections in the solo. I had quite a few runs where I would randomly miss even though I definitely was hitting all the notes at the right times. Slider trills that transition into other slider trills are brutal.

As for the score, it’s pretty mediocre. I missed the 4th squeeze by 1 frame I think, which was probably as close as I ever got (I never hit it throughout my grinding session). Even if I did hit it, I would’ve only moved up from 4th place to 3rd place. I’m still down 64 points in ticks somehow; I thought my reverse ticks were pretty decent on this run. There’s probably a tweak to be made in the path somewhere that I don’t know about.

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Guitar Hero World Tour – “Beat It” Expert Guitar 100% FC (258,405)

Beat It – Michael Jackson

1st by 8! This solo is pretty damn tough with these dumb slider notes. That’s also where the toughest squeeze is- that Orange sustain. You need to get a pretty large squeeze on that O sustain, but there’s the quick G R G R G after it, so it’s much harder to hold out the sustain in full while still hitting the G R after it. With a big enough front end, you can get ticks on the back end, which I did. Last act is easy, but you still need a good squeeze to get good ticks. Very happy with this score.

Also, check out those custom singer animations. Good shit.

My Scores: &group=7 &game=0 &platform=0 &size=1 &inst1=1 &inst=1 &diff=4 &team=0