Galactic Civilizations 3’s First Patch Now Available

Galactic Civilizations 3’s First Patch Now Available

Steam Workshop support is on the way in the upcoming 1.1 patch.

Galactic civilizations 3 update video

If my voice sounds funny, its because I’m playing with the audio settings.


Galactic Civilizations III – Campaign Intro Cinematics

Galactic Civilizations III is a 4X space strategy game set in the 23rd century. Humans and aliens compete against each other for domination of our galaxy.

The gameplay of Galactic Civilizations has evolved over the years, but we at Stardock have always prided ourselves on making conquest only one of several entertaining routes to victory. In Galactic Civilizations II, for example, players can wage multi-decade cold wars for the hearts and minds of neutral planets – or even expand their culture’s reach to the point that each others’ colonies are the soft-power battleground. Players can conquer the galaxy without ever firing a shot through a combination of shrewd diplomacy and ever-expanding cultural influence.

Another popular feature of Galactic Civilizations III is the ability to design amazing ships and watch them battle other fleets. Ship design isn’t just cosmetic, nor is it just a matter of putting the most powerful weapons and defenses on a given vessel. Victory often goes to the player who looks carefully at the types of weapons and defenses their opponents are deploying and designs ships to counter them.

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Galactic Civilizations III (Обзор) – Стоит ли играть в 2022?

В этом обзоре я постараюсь рассказать обо всех самых важных игровых аспектах, а также разобраться – стоит ли играть в Galactic Civilizations 3 в 2022 году?

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00:00 – Galactic Civilizations III Обзор
00:43 – Реклама
01:35 – Сюжетная кампания, история и лор
02:59 – Обширный редактор создания цивилизации
03:55 – Основа игрового процесса – строительство
06:16 – Система идеологии, война, дипломатия
08:08 – Большой порог вхождения и мультиплеер
09:10 – Стоит ли играть в Galactic Civilizations 3 в 2022 году?

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